Annual Membership

As an annual member of VAULT, you will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and privileges that are not available to the general public. These perks include:

  1. Priority access to book reservations at our bar, even during peak hours and special events.
  2. Complimentary entry for you and discounted entry for up to three of your guests, making it more affordable to share the experience with your friends and loved ones.
  3. A complimentary cocktail upon each visit, customized to your preferences by our expert bartenders.
  4. Access to special events and tastings, where you can sample unique and exciting cocktails and food offerings.
  5. Personalized service from our staff, who will recognize you as a valued member of the VAULT community and provide the highest level of attention and care.
  6. Exclusive discounts on private events, so you can host your own special occasions in our stylish and sophisticated space.

If you are interested in learning more about our membership program, please please fill in our Membership Form and we will contact you shortly.

Our annual membership fee is 2,000 USD per year, and members can renew their membership on a yearly basis to continue enjoying these exclusive benefits and privileges. We believe that our annual membership program is a great way for our dedicated patrons to show their support for our bar and become a part of our community of like-minded individuals who appreciate exceptional cocktails, food, and service.

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