Bar Supervisor

Balt is an experienced and dedicated Bartender who has been an integral part of the VAULT team for the past 2 years. With a deep passion for mixology and a keen eye for detail, Balt brings creativity, expertise, and a high level of professionalism to the bar operations at VAULT.

Balt oversees all aspects of the bar, including inventory management, menu development, staff training, and ensuring exceptional customer service. With a strong understanding of the latest trends in the beverage industry, Balt curates a diverse and innovative drink menu that caters to the unique preferences of VAULT's clientele.

Under Balt's leadership, the bar team at VAULT delivers an unparalleled drinking experience, crafting exquisite cocktails with precision and flair. Balt's knowledge of spirits, mixology techniques, and flavor combinations shines through in every drink served, delighting guests and keeping them coming back for more.