Bar Manager

Zaya Ganbat is not just a bar manager; he's a maestro of mixology, having cultivated an enviable reputation in the world of beverages. With a background that spans various renowned establishments, Zaya's expertise in curating drink menus, understanding the subtle nuances of flavors, and crafting cocktails that tell a story is unparalleled.

At VAULT, he's more than just the helm of our beverage operations; he's the heart and soul that ensures every drink served is an experience in itself. His leadership style is hands-on, often seen interacting with guests to understand their preferences, guiding his team, and always pushing the boundaries of conventional mixology.

Zaya's passion for his craft is evident in the meticulous detail he puts into each drink, ensuring that it's not just a beverage, but a memory that lingers long after the last sip. His commitment to the art and his undying zeal to innovate make him an invaluable asset to VAULT and a favorite among our patrons.

Phone number: 99609993